Who We Are

GOLD BAR is a construction company whose activities are complete construction.

The construction company GOLD BAR was founded in 2013 on three main principles - quality, professionalism and the highest standards. We are engaged in construction, engineering, consulting, development, design, equipping and sales. 

At the moment, we have built more than 30 objects throughout Montenegro, and we are trusted by clients from England, Russia, Belarus, the Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey and Croatia. 

We are direct importers of high quality building materials, ceramics, lighting and sanitary ware. We hold international certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, which guarantee that all our projects are carried out in accordance with the highest international standards. 

In the Montenegrin market, we stand out for our human resources. From engineers, designers, architects to carpenters, fitters, tinsmiths, electricians and bricklayers, all of our employees have many years of experience and strive to achieve the highest quality standards of our company. 


In addition to the highest quality tools, we also have a wide range of equipment available. 

We regularly participate in construction fairs in Belgrade, Minsk, Moscow and Kiev. 

For all our successes, we don't forget the community we came from. We are proud to sponsor the basketball club "Mornar" from the town of Bar, the volleyball club "Galeb" also from this town, the boxing club "YYYY" from Budva, we renovated the reception hall and the pediatric department of the hospital in the town of Bar, as well as installed solar markers for pedestrian crossings throughout the municipality of Bar to improve the safety of pedestrians. 

Contact us and make sure we are the right partner for you in Montenegro. 

GOLD BAR is a construction company whose activities are complete construction.
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