Architecture and design

Conceptual design, preliminary designs, main projects

Gold Bar is engaged in the design and construction of all types of architectural and construction, craft, electrical installation, plumbing and mechanical works.
To perform these tasks raspolažemoe own design bureau, permanent team of employees, a variety of skills and qualifications necessary equipment, machinery, plants and vehicles.
Construction supervision
Designing buildings

Preparation of project documentation

Concept solutions

Consulting - from paper to a key. In terms of consulting, investor, or the purchaser can offer a wide range of services: preparation of terms of reference, selection of designers, monitoring of technical documentation, revision or technical control of documentation, obtaining necessary approvals for documentation
Engineering: company plans, organizes, manages and performs its activities; engineering, installation in the construction, final and craft works in construction, land development and other activities and services.

Planning: One of the important segments of our work is the preparation and control of works.

Specification of the material and the estimated value

Creating 3D models of exteriors and interiors


Rehabilitation of all types of buildings

The legalization of all types of objects (the collection of documentation and project constructed facility for all types of buildings constructed without building permits).

GOLD BAR is a construction company whose activities are complete construction.
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