Quality policy

At GOLD BAR, dealing with the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, we adhere to the quality of construction and a fair attitude towards customers, business partners, workers and society as a whole. The reputation and recognizability that we have in the environment and in the business and social sphere, have been acquired through many years of work and are constantly based on quality over time. Our aspiration is to build facilities and provide services that meet the wishes and needs of our customers within the basic principles of quality and compliance with legal regulations.

The quality in "Gold Bar" is reflected through products made with top technology and the highest quality materials, through the willingness to react quickly, accuracy and reliability, which is recognized in the market of the whole of Montenegro - it is a quality that can be trusted. Also, the commitment to customers, products and processes has resulted in customers and institutions choosing "Gold Bar" as the best way to develop infrastructure in the Montenegrin market.

Every single employee in the "Gold Bar" company is involved and committed to achieving quality standards for our customers, business partners and society as a whole. Also, each individual worker is responsible for safety at work, where the implementation of established rules and instructions creates an environment for safe work.

The construction of residential and non-residential buildings in the GOLD BAR implies the protection of the health and safety of workers in the workplace, as well as the long-term health care of workers.

The protection of the health and safety of workers in the "Gold Bar" is reflected in the identification of all potential dangers, where appropriate measures are taken to prevent accidents and eliminate risks, which in case of impossibility to avoid, are reduced to an acceptable measure.

Aware of the fact that the quality management system is dynamic and comprehensive, we at Gold Bar believe that special emphasis should be placed on the environment and its role in the management process. The activities we perform on a daily basis are certainly closely related to the impact on the environment, where we strive for the same to be positive and if this is not possible, then to reduce the negative aspects to a minimum, to be controlled and properly monitored.

Raising awareness about quality, environmental protection and the protection of the health and safety of workers in our work environment, among our workers and towards our customers, business partners and society as a whole is part of our core business policy.

"Gold Bar" keeps developing and improving its quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018.

GOLD BAR is a construction company whose activities are complete construction.
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